There are several different types of keyless entry locks that you can use on the entry points of your home. Usually the front door is the place that people choose to use this type of lock because it is the one that they use the most and want to be able to get in and out of without using their keys. If you are tired of fumbling for the key at night or do not feel safe and secure about the lock that you are currently using, then take the time to find out about all of the different types that are available for you to use on your home.

  1. One type of lock that will give you keyless entry is one that has a combination of push button numbers that you have to input in order for the lock to turn. This combination can be made up of only a few numbers or it can be made up of several depending on the level of security you would like to have. These locks are commonly referred to as keypad locks or combination locks and are ones that you do not have to have a key in order to open the door.
  2. Another type that you will be able to find is one that has a digital keypad that you can use. This one is different from the other type that will only allow you to use one number one time. You will be able to use a wide variety of number combinations in order to come up with the “secret code” that you are going to use to secure the lock on your door. That means you will be able to choose one that burglars will not be able to guess and one that you will be able to easily remember.
  3. Biometric locks offer something a little different. Either triggered by a retina scan or more commonly by a fingerprint scan, these locks offer a very secure entry method. There is also the option for the lock to record a range of scans so the whole family is able to gain access.
  4. There is also the option of remotely opening your door, in the same way as opening the car door. These generally complement a digital keyless system and the market for this add-on is certainly growing.

When you are thinking about the different keyless entry locks that are available you might also want to think about the best burglar alarm to use. Having the right type of lock on your door is only one part of having a good security system. If you really want to be able to keep thieves away from your home, contacting west philly locksmith is always a best option for you. They are skilled professionals and having all the essential tools to install keyless systems for you.