Plugs that are used in the industrial sector require enduring factors such as vibrations, tugging, and unintentional disconnection. While these are just a few of the risks faced, the fact remains that electrical plugs and wiring utilized in such rugged zones require to be extra secure. This highlights the significance of electrical locking devices such as twist locking plugs.

These plugs protect you from the drawbacks of unintentional disconnection. While in most cases the standard locking plugs are capable enough to do the required task, in certain other cases a modified solution might be required. Locksmith Edison NJ can install innovative electrical devices for better security arrangements.

You shall find these components being utilized in manufacturing units where vibrations are high, or in hospitals where life-saving devices need to be steadily connected with these locking plugs. Speaking of hospitals, electrical devices at medical centers should always be associated with hospital grade green dot cords. These cords offer a protected connection that cannot be expected from other standard electrical connectors. This not only ensures a constant flow of electricity, but also eliminates the risk of accidental disconnection owing to tugging or pulling.

Here’s an overview of the salient features of such connectors:

  • These connecters feature a curved blade that can be inserted and gently twisted to secure it in place. You need to twist them slightly when you need to unplug them.
  • The blades of these plugs are designed in such a way that they latch on to the receptacle in a highly secure manner.
  • Such components offer a highly reliable connection in different types of commercial as well as industrial units. They safeguard against accidental disconnection or vibrations. In such cases, a non-locking connector would not prove to be an efficient option.
  • These connectors are available in standardized units across the United States of America and other parts of the world. This enables users to easily identify them and use them in different settings.
  • It is imperative to choose these locking plugs in accordance to the voltage and current rating that you will be using them with.
  • These connectors are also utilized in outdoor applications such as recreational vehicles, marine vessels, aircrafts etc.