When you move into a new home, one of the first things you should do is change your locks. Most people are aware of the importance of this thing, but if you believe you don’t need to alter them after a relocation, think again. You can never be certain that the previous occupant turned over all of the keys. It’s simply not worth it to be concerned about someone you don’t know having a duplicate of your house key. Change them and be done with it. Otherwise, even your home security system will not be able to give you the safety you require.

Aside from when you move, there are a few other situations when you’ll need to update your locks. When you’re in one of these situations, most people don’t even consider changing things, but if you don’t, you’re making yourself and your family more vulnerable to thieves and other criminals.

  1. If someone you’ve hired no longer works for you, change your locks. Gardeners, housecleaners, babysitters, and anyone to whom you may have provided a key to get access to your property fall into this category. You can’t be sure they didn’t make copies and will come back to clean you out.
  2. If you’re a landlord, make sure you change the locks after your renters leave. They may return the key to you, but you can’t be sure they didn’t make a copy. Change the locks as soon as your tenant vacates the premises to safeguard the safety of your new tenants.
  3. If you’re remodeling your home, change the locks and give a key to the contractor. You can’t ensure that your contractor won’t create a copy of your key and provide it to his staff or other individuals you don’t know, no matter how trustworthy you believe he is. Because you have no control over what your contractor does with your key, rekey the locks as soon as the renovations are finished.
  4. Use the same key for all of your locks. This is really convenient because you can use a single key to open all of the doors. You won’t have to keep track of as many keys, and you won’t have to fumble through a bunch of them to get the one you’re looking for.

Making it harder for intruders to get inside is one of the best strategies to prevent break-ins. There’s just so much a home security system can do. If you have a key, no one will think twice about breaking into your house when you aren’t there. After all, if someone has a key, he should be present, right? You already know the answer: not everyone with a key has the authority to enter your home; therefore, change the locks and make your home safer. Locksmith Newark NJ can help you in protecting your valuables, loved ones and can make your house safer by installing the best security systems.